Before our launch in 2023, when Wake was just a concept and a dream we found ourselves with 3 words that consistently motivated our plans and actions: gather, fill, grow. As we begin a new year we reflect on how these values shaped our year and our plans moving forward. 

  • Gather
  • Our desire is for Wake to be a place where we can gather with our neighbors to cultivate ideas and inspiration. In the age of online shopping and self-checkouts, what society gains in “convenience” it can lack in connection. There is growing evidence that when we regularly connect with those outside of our immediate circles our society is less polarized and our culture is less prone to isolation and depression. We hold a deep conviction that locally-owned, small, brick-and-mortar businesses are a fundamental part of a fulfilled society because of the connection and expertise they can offer. Our dream of a brick-and-mortar shop has yet to come to fruition in this first year of business but we got to gather with so many of you nonetheless! Between learning and presenting at The Hope Summit, chatting with our regulars at pop-ups and getting dirt under our nails alongside you at countless volunteer events, we feel more connected than ever to CHS and her people. Thank you for gathering with us in 2023, we plan to see your face much more in 2024!

  • Fill
  • We set out on a mission to fill things up, literally! In 2023 we provided over 2,226 refills, diverting single-use containers from landfill and recycling systems. You refilled everything from stain remover to sunscreen with us and kicked the single-use mindset to the curb; filling us with excitement and gratitude!

    We also want to fill ourselves and our community. We will never tell you to “minimize your impact”; it's not inspiring! We want to see our neighbors living FULL lives in which they maximize their positive wake. We desire to fill WAKE with love, art, connection and everything else that is wonderful about being a part of this world. Having you alongside us on this journey makes our lives and this experience exponentially more full. 

  • Grow
  • As a business, as individuals, and as a vessel for cultural impact we are eager to grow. We came into 2023 with big dreams and strict timelines but quickly discovered that while drive and passion are essential to success, sometimes sustainable growth means slowing down to see how the wave rides in order to prepare for the next one. We consider this revelation to be personal growth. 2023 took us on one of the very best rides. You grew Wake from just an idea in our heads into its own entity with real friends. It grew into our full-time job that supports our small family and gave hundreds of dollars to local charities that protect our beloved waterways and marshes. As individuals we grew in appreciation for native plants and absolute awe for all the passionate people advocating for the lowcountry! At times we were humbled and other emboldened and we are eager to enter 2024 with big dreams still intact accompanied by a gentleness for ourselves and our company. We are so excited about the quantifiable physical impact our business has the potential to make as we scale our operations, but even more important to us is the prospect of being a vessel for cultural impact. We hope to grow Wake into a recognizable catalyst for conversation about what we have to gain by living in ways that honor the resources we utilize and the community we share them with. Thank you for making all of this dreaming possible!

    Thank you for following along and sharing the Wake  mission and mindset with friends and family as you head into the new year! We are working hard on exciting things for Wake in 2024 and are so grateful for this opportunity to make waves with you!

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