Ethics Statement

Here at Wake we believe that everything we do creates a wake, affecting the environment and the people around us. American culture is deeply individualistic. We are encouraged to view ourselves as separate from each other and the natural world. This disconnect results in a disregard for the pollution, unfair wages and unnecessary suffering we often unknowingly contribute to through our consumption and extraction of resources.

Many indigenous languages do not have a word for "nature" and consider themselves to be an integral part of a community of beings rather than distinct from the rest of the universe. We believe that mutual flourishing is possible for all people and the planet and that the first step towards restoration is to mend the broken connections from people to people and people to the planet. Our desire at Wake Refill is to help our community to reconsider our connection to material goods and contemplate the results of resource extraction on our neighbors (both human and not). We desire to foster a community that values respect and honor for the people we share the earth with and the resources we utilize. 

Our invitation to you is not to minimize your impact but to maximize it. Know and be known by the people and environment around you and leave them better off than you found them. There are many complex humanitarian and environmental issues that deserve our careful thought and consideration. A few that are important to us follow. 


Employee Pay

South Carolina has no minimum wage law meaning that the minimum wage in SC is an appalling $7.25 as enforced by the Fair Labor Standards Act which has not been updated since 2009. This is unacceptable. Wake Refill is dedicated not only to providing our employees with a living wage, but one that they can thrive on. Living Wage in Charleston SC is currently $19.42.  


Sourcing and Materials

Everything in our shop has an end of life plan and should never go to landfill! We accept all responsibility for any waste our shop produces and will ensure that the materials are properly recycled or composted. Our products are made from plant-based ingredients and not petrochemicals. All of our products are non-toxic and are free of endocrine disrupters and carcinogens. They are water system safe and are cruelty free. All of our products are sourced with sustainability and labor ethics in mind. All of our products are a part of a circular economy.  



We are anti-greenwashing always! We will never mislead you with big words or claims we can't verify. We are dedicated to sourcing our products in the most sustainable way possible without sacrificing quality and accessible pricing. There are so many pros and cons to be weighed for every product in this industry and we are doing our very best to make informed, ethical decisions. If you have a question or concern about a product or practice's environmental or humanitarian impact please ask us!



Sustainability is not all about buying fancy gadgets; infact the zero waste movement should be about using what you already have! We exist to make your sustainability journey easier. We strive to keep our prices as low and accessible as possible while still paying our employees a fair wage. We also love to share tips and tricks for free on how to reduce waste at any price point. Most importantly, we know that pollution affects our most marginalized and vulnerable communities the most. We are committed to doing our part to combat the systems that allow these abuses to occur. 


Wake Refill acknowledges that we are operating on the lands honored, loved and historically maintained by the Kusso Tribe. We respect and value their knowledge of and connection to the land and are committed to learning from and uplifting their voices. 

Ethics Statement
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