Featured Non-Profits

We believe connection and community are the key to restoration. We love working alongside these allies. We donate 1% from every sale to the non-profits listed. 


South Carolina Law Project: Representing Friends of Gadsden Creek 

“Friends of Gadsden Creek is a grassroots, community-led campaign opposing the destruction of Gadsden Creek, and the continued patterns of injustice inflicted upon the Gadsden Green community.

We are a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses, and organizations who oppose the WestEdge development plan to fill Gadsden Creek. We demand the revitalization of Gadsden Creek and her surrounding wetlands, as a first step in a larger plan that repairs the social, environmental, and economic harm that has been inflicted upon the Gadsden Green community.”

The M.A.R.S.H Project

"Established in 2022 in Charleston, South Carolina, we are a grassroots and community-based program working to restore and preserve our local marshland.  Our pilot project is the protection, restoration and preservation of Halsey Creek, one of the last remaining tidal salt marshes on the Charleston peninsula.

Our mission is to help to rewild and ecologically restore Charleston’s unique saltmarsh ecosystem.

We believe humans are part of a larger living community that collectively enables life. As members of this living system, our goal is to create more life with our own, contributing generously through reciprocal acts of stewardship and the thoughtful ecological restoration of our living landscapes."


Featured Non-Profits
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