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Menstrual Cups - Soft - Two Sizes

Menstrual Cups - Soft - Two Sizes

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Designed with simplicity and longevity in mind, Saalt menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and holds the capacity of 4 tampons! These reusable menstrual cups replace thousands of tampons throughout their 10-year life. Don't be intimidated by something new. Doesn't not having to buy tampons ever again sound worth it?

Color: Mist Grey


To insert: wash your hands and rinse your Saalt Cup. Roll the cup in a spiral as tightly as possible with the opening pointed up. While keeping a tight grip on the fold, insert the open end into your vagina and push it in. Once in place, let go and allow the cup's opening to pop open. Double check to make sure the cup has opened by running a finger around the body of the cup. If you feel any folds, rotate the cup again until it opens completely, creating a seal. No folds? You’ve successfully inserted your Saalt Cup! 

To remove: Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. You can stand, sit, or squat, but removing your cup is much easier if you are relaxed. The stem is not a pull tab, do not pull hard on the stem to remove. Use the stem as a guide to locate the grip rings and break the seal by pinching the base of the cup with your thumb and index finger. Do not pull on the stem. Wiggle the cup side to side as you gently pull it out. Keep it upright to avoid spilling. Holding your cup firmly, empty it into a toilet or sink. To avoid staining of the cup, it encouraged to rinse the cup with cold water and wash with mild soap between insertion. If you are in public it is ok to reinsert without rinsing and wash when you get home. 

Between Cycles: Wash with soap and water and store it in the provided pouch until next month! If you'd like to fully sterilize your Saalt cup, you can do so by boiling it for 5 minutes and removing it with tongs. Let your cup cool off and dry, then store it in your storage pouch.

Materials: 100% Silicon, Reusable storage pouch, and 100% recyclable paper display tube. (Oops! Saalt accidentally sent us tubes with a plastic window on the top of the display tube. We will accept this plastic back for recycling through Terracycle!)

End of Life: Your Saalt cup can be safely used for up to 10 years! Some users prefer to purchase a new cup every few years, however, this is not necessary. 100% recyclable silicone. Bring back to us sanitized and contained for recycling. 

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