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Little Seed Farm

Deodorant Cream

Deodorant Cream

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Little Seed Farm is a fully solar powered Goat Farm in TN. This deodorant cream is made from organic botanicals in a facility fully powered by renewable energy. It is baking soda and aluminum free making it easy on skin. It also really works all day! Just scoop out a pea sized amount and rub into desired area.

Ingredients: arrowroot powder*, food grade magnesium hydroxide, coconut oil*, shea butter*, organic jojoba oil*, beeswax, organic vegetable glycerine* (non-gmo & kosher), essential oils* (see below for individual scent blends), activated charcoal (only an ingredient in the activated charcoal deodorant cream)

End of Life: Soon we will be able to refill your glass jar in stores for a discounted rate. Then you will be able to refill your jar indefinitely. For now, we will take your jar back for sanitation and later reuse. 

The more you know: Aluminum and antiperspirants work by clogging your pores and preventing you from sweating. Antiperspirants trap bacteria and toxins under your skin, meaning that when you stop using them your body will want to detox the bad stuff, making you extra stinky and sweaty at first. During this "detox" period you may want to apply your natural deodorant twice a day. Once your body adjusts, usually after 2-3 weeks, 1 application should work for 24 hours! 

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