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Incense Holder | Hand Blown Glass

Incense Holder | Hand Blown Glass

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A playful and whimsical twist on the traditional incense holder design. These unique and eye-catching accessories bring a touch of fun and relaxation to your home environment. Crafted with care and designed for both functionality and aesthetics, these holders are not only a delightful addition to your decor but also a practical solution for creating a soothing atmosphere. A beautiful pairing for our zero-waste incense sticks.

Note: Never leave incense burning unattended. Never burn on or near flammable surfaces 

Materials: Borosilicate glass

End of Life: Love what you have and use it forever! Borosilicate glass has been treated to be more shock resistant and durable. It is not recyclable in most municipal programs. Broken or unwanted incense holders can be returned to us to be rehomed or repurposed. 

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