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DIP Bar Wall Rack

DIP Bar Wall Rack

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We already know we love DIP! Celebrate your love for your bars by storing them in a way that helps them live to their full potential. This wall adapter takes the bars off the shelf and onto the wall away from the stream of water. The adapter works only on glass, porcelain, polished ceramic, polished marble, or flat, non-porous tile. Does not stick to plastic liners, stone or across grout lines. Pair it with a draining soap dish for each bar in your shower. Adapter and bars are sold separately so you can customize your set up. Dishes can sit on a shelf independent of wall adapter. Can be used with most brands of bars. 

Materials: Stainless Steel

End of Life: Designed to last a lifetime, return to us if you ever decide you are done with it and we will either rehome or recycle the components. 

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