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Shave Soap | Goats Milk and Tea Tree

Shave Soap | Goats Milk and Tea Tree

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 Plastic free shaving is sexy! 
Eliminating the plastic and being kind to your skin is a win win! This shave bar is designed to give luxurious lather, protecting your skin from the blade and leaving your skin nourished and soft. 

 Shave brush sold separately. 

Materials: Ceramic ramekin made by Charleston artist, Cristina Victor of Sabia Ceramics. Cristina uses recycled clay for our ramekins. The bars have a 3 inch diameter. If you have a dish at home you want to use, just order a refill.

Ingredients: Olive oil (ole euroapea), castor oil (ricinus communis), goats milk, coconut oil (cocons mucifera), sodium hydroxide (lye), bentonite clay and tea tree scent. 

End of Life: Refill ceramic dish indefinitely and use bar to completion. Broken dishes can be returned to us for recycling. 

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