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Leaf Shave

Razor | Twig

Razor | Twig

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The Twig razors have a head less than half the size of a standard double-edge razor. This means you can fit in tight places easily, maintain maximum visibility for precision shaving, and confidently shave in concave areas (because there is only a single shaving edge exposed). This makes it a popular option among face shavers but it can certainly be used all over the body. Changing your blades every 3 weeks, over 10 years you will have spent $94, saving you hundreds of dollars compared to traditional disposable razors. 

Materials: Stainless Steel. Paperboard Box

End of Life: Your leaf razor has a lifetime warranty and can be refilled and reused indefinitely. Decide its not for you? Contact us and we will take it back to be recycled or re-homed. Paperboard box can be recycled. Collect used blades in a blade tin to be returned for recycling. 

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