Zero Waste Delivery to CHS SC

Hey Charleston! We love you so much, which is why we are so excited to be here as your resource for zero-waste essentials. 

We know, you know how to shop online, but zero-waste refills could be new and exciting! We sure think it is. 

We have made it easy. Solid powders like laundry and dish detergent come in a 100% recycled paper bag that you can compost or recycle. Liquids come in our BPA free refill pouches for you to empty into your own clean container. We will pick your empty pouches up when you place your next order, or if you prefer to mail them back, email us at to receive prepaid postage. The pouches are then sanitized and reused for the next customer. There is no rush to empty them, return at your convenience. 

We have an order minimum of $30 for local delivery. We hope that this minimum will encourage folks to restock multiple products at once in order to make emissions more efficient. Our local delivery radius is 8 miles from our store in downtown Charleston. Anything further than that it is more efficient for us to send your order with USPS because they go to every address every day regardless. Don't worry though, we send a prepaid envelope with shipping labels so you can return your refill pouches to us for reuse!

So in short, fill your cart, select delivery at check out, and we will drop it at your door! 

Zero Waste Delivery to CHS SC
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