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Where do your products come from?

We consider a lot of factors when selecting products for our shop. Are we able to process the materials once the products has reached its end of life? Is the product affordable to our average customer? Is the product free from animal testing? Does the brand have good ethics? Is the product made near us? Does the product really work? 

Sometimes a product will meet most but not all of this criteria. We weigh all of these factors together to make the best, most informed decision that we can, and sometimes that means importing products regionally or even over seas. When we import long distances we always order in large quantities to minimize emissions. 

Are your products clean/organic/green/etc?

We don't love these buzzwords because they are not regulated and don't really mean anything, which has led to the abuse of marketing tactics to convince you brands are more ethical than they are. We are anti-greenwashing to the core and we refuse to bs our customers with claims that we cannot verify or even tell you what we mean by them. 

We can tell you what our products ARE though. Our products are made from plant-based ingredients and not petrochemicals. All of our products are non-toxic and are free of endocrine disrupters and carcinogens. They are water system safe and are cruelty free. All of our products are sourced with sustainability and labor ethics in mind. All of our products are a part of a circular economy.

If you have any other questions about what our products are and are not please let us know!

Are you vegan?

No, but the majority of our products are! All of our ingredients and materials are readily available on each product for you to make informed decisions based on your lifestyle choices. Some of our products contain beeswax and goatsmilk but all of our products are cruelty free!

What do you mean by "non-toxic"?

Oooh! Great question! Non-toxic is not technically a regulated term and companies can definetly use it as a green washing tactic. Technically, everything can be toxic at too high of a dose, including water and air. To us, "non-toxic" means that a product or ingredient is not expected to cause any adverse side-affects from exposure and regular intended use. We review every ingredient for studies linking it to cancer, allergies & immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity and environmental bioaccumulation to determine if a product meets our "non-toxic" standards.

Why do you sell plastic pouches and bottles?

Reusable plastics have their place...for now.

Our liquid refill products are mailed in BPA-free plastic pouches. Not only are they 93% less plastic than a plastic bottle but you will also receive an envelope that includes pre-paid postage so you can mail us your empty pouches back for us to clean and re-fill again or recycle through Terra Cycle. These re-usable pouches save people from having to buy completely new containers!

Glass is our personal preference but it is not always practical for families with children or persons with limited mobility. This is why we offer our products in refillable bottles made from recycled plastic.

I'm done with my product, what do I do with it now?

We have an end of life plan for everything in our shop. A lot is designed to last forever and a good bit is covered by lifetime warranties! However, any time you are done with something purchased at Wake Refill, you can bring it back to us and we will either compost or recycle it for you. Yes! Anything! Your broken pump top, worn out tooth brush, even your Saalt cup (just make sure its been boiled and is contained in a way our employees do not have to touch it 🙂). We never want anything from Wake Refill to leave the circular economy so reach out to us with any questions about the end of life plan for your product!

Where are you located?

We currently base our operations out of our home in Mount Pleasant, SC. Keep an eye out for updates about our upcoming brick and mortar location!

Who are you?

The owner and founder is me, Hannah Jane! I grew up in Charleston where I fell in love with the natural landscapes of the South Carolina low-country. My favorite hobbies include sailing, boating and learning about native flora and fauna.

I graduated from The College of Charleston in 2019, majoring in international studies with a concentration in Latin America. During my time at the university, I spent a semester at The University of Havana, Cuba and another at the University of Santiago, Chile where I focused my studies on the memorials dedicated to human rights abuses in Chile and Argentina. After graduation I moved to Nashville, TN. In Nashville, I worked with The Good Fill, a zero-waste environmental advocacy business that inspired me to combine my love for the natural landscapes of Charleston with my desire to pursue humanitarian endeavors; thus Wake Refill was born.

More Questions? Let's chat!